I Define Success: Alexandra Banuelos

Alexandra Banuelos.pngAlexandra always knew that she was interested in the field of business. She decided to take dual credit courses so that she could earn both high school credit and college credit towards her business major. “I knew it would help me get through college quicker and save me a lot of money.” She enrolled in business marketing as well as business financing.

Prior to enrolling at Ivy Tech, Alexandra knew that she wanted to stay home for her first two years of college. Ivy Tech helped her to get a feel of college before she chose a university to attend.

“I felt that the dual credit classes would help me get a head start in college. My credits would transfer easily.”

During her time at Ivy Tech, Alexandra was very grateful for the free tutoring services. They helped her accomplish many tasks that were holding her back. Another aspect of the college that she enjoyed was Ivy Tech’s student organizations.

Her future plans involve transferring to a four-year university in order to finish her degree in business administration. Ultimately, Alexandra’s career goal is to work in a successful marketing firm.

“My advice to dual credit students it that it is worth taking dual credit classes because you will be ahead of the game.”


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