I Define Success: Steve Stout

Not only was Steve able to earn his degrSteve Stout.pngee in human services, become the president of Collegiate Veterans Association, and serve as a veteran in the Marine Corps. He helped found and name the Bear Necessities Food Pantry.

This Ivy Tech graduate was able to do it all.

Having a history of homelessness and addictions pushed Steve to help make a difference in others’ lives. In May 2015, Steve was certified in substance abuse counseling. Stout has always focused on working with those who are homeless and people who are hungry. “I can help homeless people get off the street, but if they are still in the addiction, they will go back to the street. I want to help them overcome their addictions.”

Eventually Steve would like to open a shelter to help homeless people. He wants to be able to provide information to homeless people and help them out of their situation, especially those with substance abuse.

Currently, Steve is pursuing an addictions counseling bachelor’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. He had an internship that led to part-time job at the Express Enrollment Center. All of his Ivy Tech credits transferred, and he will graduate in just two more years.

“Ivy Tech has given me the support. All the people here are very supportive of what I do. They give me connections to reach my goals. They have guided me. They have been very supportive in what I’m doing.”

Steve was awarded four different scholarships through becoming involved with school activities. “I tell students to get involved- it opens doors. When I graduated, I got a hug from the chancellor, not a handshake. That, to me, was much more meaningful.” His Ivy Tech education helped Steve to accomplish many of his goals in just a two year period. “My time here has been fantastic and the staff and faculty have been wonderful. I have participated in three panel builds for Habitat for Humanity and during my time here have earned the respect from the chancellor as well as other members of the school.”


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