I Define Success: Rowena Hawkins

Rowena Hawkins2.pngRowena Hawkins’ family was shocked when she announced she was going to culinary school. This widow and mother of four never excelled in cooking and laughs about her lack of culinary experience prior to attending Ivy Tech’s Hospitality Administration program. She graduated with a Culinary Arts degree in May 2016.

“I could not cook eggs, I could not cook rice,” she said, noting how people asked her how she raised her children without cooking.

Rowena went back to school for herself and her children. Once she began taking classes, she became inspired and fell in love with cooking different recipes. She also loved the support system that her instructors and classmates gave her during her time at Ivy Tech.

Since graduating from Ivy Tech, Rowena had plenty of job opportunities. “I would say there is no reason to not have a job after Ivy Tech,” she said.

Rowena loved how the college helps students throughout their academic career. She is happy she chose to go back to school at Ivy Tech.


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