I Define Success: Tre Robinson

Indianapolis Campus
​Computer and Networking Technology Graduate

After earning his degree in just 11 months, Tre Robinson landed a rewarding career in the in-demand IT industry.

Tre Robinson.png

Tre earned his degree from Ivy Tech’s Associate Accelerated Program (ASAP) in computer and networking technology in 2012. This cohort-based program provides wraparound support to students to help them earn a degree that traditionally takes two years or more in just one year.

“Right out of high school, a traditional four-year school didn’t seem like a realistic goal. Being able to get a degree quickly without debt was a great opportunity and I took it,” Tre said. “I believe the ASAP program gave me more of an advantage over a traditional college experience due to the one-on-one time I got with some of the instructors.”

Immediately after graduating from Ivy Tech, Tre was hired by Interactions LLC in 2012 as an analyst. As the company grew, he continued to take on more responsibility. In February 2016, Tre was promoted to system administrator for the company and is now responsible for managing, supporting and maintaining more than 600 systems.

“Ivy Tech introduced me to the IT field. When I jumped into the ASAP program I was able to see that I really enjoy this and I could do it as a career– and that’s exactly what happened.” Tre is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in software development from Western Governor’s University, where he was able to transfer credits from Ivy Tech toward his degree.

“I want to continue to build up my skills in the IT industry; I need to step it up and learn some more stuff,” he said. “I enjoy troubleshooting; I like being the one to figure out what’s going on and be the one to fix it.”Tre serves as an alumni ambassador for Ivy Tech ASAP, speaking on behalf of the program and how it helped him get where he is today.

“(Ivy Tech) got me where I needed to be and it gave me the confidence to get into the workforce and just do what I’m good at, and I am forever grateful for that opportunity.”


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