I Define Success: Fawaz Tahir

“There is a stigma about community colleges, however I would argue that the level of education and help at Ivy Tech is equal in many ways.”

It may seem impossible to work full-time, father three fawaz-tahirchildren, and work toward finishing a degree, but Fawaz Tahir is currently succeeding in every one of these tasks at Ivy Tech Community College.

Due to his busy lifestyle, it is helpful for Fawaz that Ivy Tech offers many different courses to fit around his schedule. “Ivy Tech is both very flexible and affordable when it comes to allowing me to finish my degree. I have been able to go to classes both on campus and online between the demands of work and home life.”

Ivy Tech’s affordable tuition has aided Fawaz in remaining free of student loans.

During his time at Ivy Tech, Fawaz is grateful to have attended the Ivy Tech Dual Credit Champion’s Breakfast as a guest panelist. He has also attended several career fairs at Ivy Tech.

As of fall 2016, Fawaz is a store manager for Walgreens. He chose to attend Ivy Tech to expand his skills as an employee.

“Earning a degree is a great stepping stone for anyone looking to differentiate themselves in the working world.”


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