I Define Success: Grant Young

High school graduates are often unsure what they want to pursue for their career, which was the case for Grant Young. He knew he wanted to find something he loved, which drew him to Ivy Tech. As a student pursuingthumbnail_Grant Young.jpg options, Grant felt Ivy Tech was the right choice because of the school’s low tuition rates.
Grant started taking classes and chose to work toward an associate degree in general studies. This would allow him to find his calling then transfer to a four-year school.

“It made me well-rounded,” he said about his time at Ivy Tech. “I’m glad I came for general studies, took general classes and learned a lot. I learned techniques, studying tools, etc. It makes you more personable and helps you come out of your shell.”

Grant has no problems coming out of his shell and always keeps busy. In addition to being a full-time student, he also works in catering, referees a variety of sports for the Amateur Athletic Union and has also been doing stand-up comedy.

Once he graduates from Ivy Tech in December 2016, he plans to keep a busy schedule.

Grant is set to transfer to Purdue University, where he has been accepted in the school’s Aviation and Transportation Technology program. He would love to be able to continue his education once he graduates from Purdue and become a LifeLine helicopter pilot. In addition, he plans on minoring in fashion design and would like to start a clothing line for military amputees.

Born with radial dysplasia, a congenital difference where one of his arms is shorter than the other, Grant spent the early years of his at Riley Hospital. In total, he had nine surgeries.

“That’s why I’m minoring in fashion, because the clothing idea is great,” he said, adding his line will include athletic and winter gear.
Grant remembered how excited he was when he had a custom fit tuxedo for his senior prom that fit his arms. He didn’t have to keep pulling the sleeve up and noted it’s the small things that make such a difference in a person’s life.

For students unsure about college, Grant recommends people think about it and consider how affordable Ivy Tech is.
“It helps you transition to a bigger school if you want to, but you don’t have to. You can get an associate,” he said. “You can open up other doors that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It gives you options.”

Ivy Tech also helped Grant grow and network. He said he noticed how so many students have begun their college years shy and over the years so many have come out of their shell. As an outgoing person, he tries to help other people develop too.

Today, Grant loves walking up and down the hallways of the Franklin campus and saying hi to everyone. From students to faculty, he is familiar with them all. He jokes about coming back years down the road and sitting in on an old class.


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