I Define Success: Rona James

Rona James.png“I believe setting goals is the start of one’s success! Without setting goals, nothing can be reached.”

In 2013, Rona James set a goal to go to college and come to Ivy Tech. This single mom began this journey excited, fearful and determined.

It wasn’t easy along the way and Rona was faced with many obstacles. She even changed her major three times before she found her purpose in human services. There were several late nights doing homework and studying but Rona persevered. Even with math and biology not being her strong suits, she still managed to be on the Dean’s List.

Rona loved her professors who helped push her to achieve her goal. In her last semester of school, she received the wrong textbooks for a class.

“The situation had totally depleted me until the great Mr. Cooney told me, ‘One day you will be able to look at this as an accomplishment!’” Rona said. “On December 17, 2016, I will!”

During her last two years at Ivy Tech, she was also a Bowen Scholar and was grateful for all the services they provided for her and her family.

Rona will graduate from Ivy Tech in December 2016 with her associate degree in human services. From there, she plans to transfer to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis to study social work and obtain her master’s degree in counseling.

“I hope to one day open a facility to help pregnant teenage girls and their babies,” she said.

For other people who would like to make a change in their life, Rona encourages them to work to reach their goals.

“Today I am excited, fearless and determined to pass this baton to you and race to receive yet another one up ahead that waits for me!” she said. “Enjoy your journey, strive to meet your goals and soon you too will be passing your baton to someone else!”


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