I Define Success: Gloria Turner

gloria-turner-ids-3.pngMany people put off their education goals because they don’t think they have enough time. Gloria Turner is proof that anyone can make it work.

This mom of two (an 8-year-old and 18-month-old) has mastered the skill of full-time work and school, which is not an easy feat. But that isn’t all. While at Ivy Tech, Gloria was a Student Government Association senator and Vice President of Fellowship for Phi Theta Kappa. She was also Community Service Chair for the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Gloria is also involved in Women in Philanthropy and Project Grow. She is an Ivy Tech Bowen Scholar, 21st Century Scholar and is the 2016 title holder of Miss Indiana Plus. She plans to compete in the national pageant for Miss Plus America in July 2017.

How does she do it?

“I’ve been able to learn time management and juggle all those things,” Gloria explained.

Gloria was a non-traditional college student who graduated from high school at 26. As she was working toward her high school diploma, Gloria wasn’t sure if she could do it. She pushed herself anyway.

Throughout her journey, many people told her she would not be able to get her degree. She channeled that negativity and wanted to turn it into something positive. Gloria worked hard and finished her diploma in seven months. This was almost a year and a half quicker than expected.

Not only did Gloria graduate in a short amount of time, but she also graduated at the top of her class. This success opened doors for her. She wanted to come to Ivy Tech Community College to continue her studies. “Aside from the prices being affordable, I wanted to come here for the convenience and flexibility,” she said. “I am a predominately online student, but because of the class offerings and rigor of the classes, it’s almost like being in class.”

Gloria knows the same doors will open for other students too if they just try.

gloria-turner.jpg“I have been put in a position to take advantage of several opportunities, networking, meeting different people and leadership opportunities through various clubs,” she said. All her experiences have helped her build confidence for future endeavors. Gloria plans to transfer to a four-year institution and continue her education. This educational accomplishment is huge for Gloria, as she never had any plans to go to college. Now, education has become a large part of her life that she encourages her children to pursue, too.

Gloria’s time in various clubs and organizations presented her with several scholarship opportunities. Gloria can use these scholarships to get a bachelor’s degree, debt-free. Once she obtains her bachelor’s degree, Gloria hopes to operate her own non-profit organization. This organization, which she called “ALERT,” stands for “Adult Learners Educated, Restored and Transformed.” She also hopes to work in the human services field as a life coach for an adult high school.

While she works towards her bachelor’s degree, Gloria has accepted a position as Community Chair for NSLS and was awarded their $3000 scholarship. She also earned the National Engaged Leader Award.

For those who aren’t sure they can achieve their goals, Gloria wants them to know they can. Through meeting other students like her and learning to manage her time well, she knows anyone can do it.

May 2018 update
Gloria was named one of United Way of Central Indiana’s “100 Heroes.” UWCI explains these are individuals that were nominated by their community who raised a hand to help others and made a positive impact in the community. Read her bio and watch her video.


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