Getting a Head Start on your Education Paves the Way

by Kelsey Batten
Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications

I grew up in Greenville, Ohio, home of Annie Oakley, Whirlpool and the famous Maid-Rite sandwich.  I was always a motivated person and driven to find the perfect job.  When I was a junior in high school I enrolled for classes at Edison State Community College through a program called post-secondary education.  Much like Ivy Tech Community College’s dual credit program, I earned college and high school credits at the same time, while not paying a penny out of pocket on tuition and fees.

The idea of college classes at 16 was scary, but I was ready for the challenge.  I took two classes my first semester, two the next, and even a class over the summer.  By my senior year, I went full-time into post-secondary education, which was five college courses as a teenager.  For me, I missed some of the usual “senior” year experiences, but the investment in my education was worth it.  I was getting ahead in my career, saving money, saving time, and earning my degree.  It was an exhilarating feeling and I wouldn’t go back and change the experience.

When I graduated from high school I only had one more semester to go.  I finished my Associate of Science degree at Edison the following semester after high school and was 18 when I had my degree.  I was already two years ahead of my graduating class in their education and on my way to Ball State University to work on my bachelor’s degree.

For those students out there earning dual credit, keep going and take full advantage of the opportunity! Continue your education, transfer those credits and focus on your goals.  I saved thousands of dollars on my college education, my parents were thankful, and I was grateful that I was ready and prepared for the full four-year experience.

Today, I am the Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Ivy Tech Community College.  I am a PROUD holder of an associate degree and know that it was the most powerful thing I could have done to kick off my career and my life.  I encourage all of you that are in high school to think about your future, think about how you can start preparing for college now, and how you will work to make your educational experience the best you can for YOU.


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