Why I Believe Everyone Should Take a Philosophy Class in College

by Rachel Pope
Marketing Work Study

Last semester, I took a philosophy class. Long story short, I was told it would be a “blow-off” class and I wouldn’t learn much from completing it. After hearing countless criticism about the study of philosophy, I felt defeated and made me dread the upcoming semester completely. However, a few weeks in I realized what a positive effect that this “blow-off” class was going to be on me and my future.

Many of you know that philosophy is compiled of questions, ethics, arguments, critical thinking, etc. However, most people think philosophy is just a bunch of old guys throwing out there opinions hoping somebody listens.

However, I truly believe that this class has bettered me as a friend, a student, and an employee.

Before I took this class, I wasn’t really living my life with “my compass facing north.” I struggled with difficulties daily that without taking this class, I would still be struggling with.

I am a self-renounced “giver.” I give and give, until I have nothing left to give. However throughout this class I read a book called Nicomachean Ethics, which enlightened me to what it truly means to be virtuous, and to live a virtuous life.

Regardless of the difficulty I was facing, philosophy always had an answer.

To anybody who hasn’t read this book, this book discusses moderation, virtue, and what makes you a good human being in general. I realized that moderation is the key to everything in life. And as a student, I believe that is vital to our survival.

Daily, college students are faced with choices; whether we should study, socialize, or maybe even relax. In order to be successful and happy, we must have all of these things within moderation.

You can’t do too little, and you can’t do too much, otherwise you will never be happy.

This class taught me that I don’t need to spend all hours of the day studying, and that spending too much time watching Netflix was also not going to make me happy either.

Philosophy is one thing that relates to all people regardless of demographic, lifestyle, or thinking style. Everything throughout the book of Nicomachean Ethics related to some part of my life, even though it was written years and years ago.

I believe every student should take a philosophy class to learn moderation and virtue. I believe, after completing this class, that moderation and virtue are absolutely necessary in order to be happy.


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