I Define Success: Alexandra Green

idefine.fw.pngIn the summer of 2016, Alexandra Green graduate with her Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education from Ivy Tech. Not only this, but she graduate Cum Laude and while still a student, began her career at the Monroe County YMCA – working with toddler-age children.

Alexandra has now been working with the YMCA for two years, and plans to transfer her associate degree to Indiana Wesleyan University to begin her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education in the spring of 2017. Alexandra entered Ivy Tech with a goal in mind: transferring to Indiana Wesleyan University to earn a bachelor’s degree in her desired field.

“It is amazing watching children discover new things,” Green said. “I enjoy helping them learn things for themselves.”

Alexandra decided to enroll at Ivy Tech because of its affordability and online options, and encourages “anyone considering education to try working in the field first.” The reasoning? “It will make you more aware of what a career in education will be like.”

In April of 2016, Alexandra was one of seventeen childhood teachers awarded the Early Childhood Excellent Educator Award from Monore Smart Start – an award that recognizes educators who are improving education in the community.


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