Why Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology might be your perfect fit

aart_1by Rachel Pope
Marketing Intern

The Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology (AART) program is for students looking for a hands-on learning environment that offers the skills needed to be successful in a modern manufacturing environment.

While enrolled in the AART program, students will learn how to troubleshoot automated manufacturing equipment such as PLC’s, robotics, pneumatics, hydraulics, motors, and controls.

“I get a hands on experience with the Ivy Tech AART Program, which has made it a lot easier to do my job. Classes like motor controls and electronics, I get to see how circuits are built and how circuits are made which helps me make sense of things,” said Trampus Perry, AART Student.

The AART program allows students to gain real-world experience through a paid internship at various local companies that allow students to work several days a week. These companies include Target, Amazon, Amatrol, among many more! For students who are interested in furthering their education, Ivy Tech is a transfer partner with Indiana State University; allowing students to transfer their credits to the four-year university.

aart_2The Ivy Tech AART program was designed with industry input, so students are completely prepared upon entering the manufacturing industry.

“Automation and Robotics is probably one of the fastest going fields in manufacturing. In order for companies to be competitive, they have to automate their faculties’ so that they are producing high quality, high quantity, and repeatable products over-and-over. That takes a very high-skilled technician” said Bob Parker, AART Program chair.

If you’re interested in the AART program, or any other programs visit ivytech.edu/programs today! With Ivy Tech Community College’s outstanding educational value, great professors, and variety of locations; we may be the perfect choice for you!


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