The Top 5 Reasons to Take Summer Classes

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by Tracey Allen
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications

Raise your hand if once spring semester is complete, you are in full summer mode until the fall semester. Are you raising it? Have you considered taking summer classes? It has quite a few upsides. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of time to keep your summer plans all while being productive with school too!

You can take classes online

Just because you are taking a summer class doesn’t mean you have to go to a campus. Find classes online! When you take online classes, you can literally be anywhere and can accommodate your summer schedule. Have a job? You can take your laptop with you and go through your class at a nearby coffee shop. Thinking poolside classes might be your new thing? Go for it.

Classes are shorter

On average, classes are 16 weeks long. If you choose to take classes during the summer, you can take eight or 10-week classes. Plus, if you think you have a subject that you might struggle with, taking that class over the summer is a great way to focus on it. That way, you won’t have any other courses taking up your time and you can put all of your energy in the one area.

shp14020_0791Low on funds? Scholarships can help

If you need help getting funds for a summer semester, don’t forget to take advantage of scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are free money that you do not have to pay back.

Keep your school routine

Do you find yourself having trouble transition back into your school schedule in the fall? Taking a class over the summer can help with that. You will stay in your normal routine, but don’t worry, there is still some time in between semesters for a break.

Graduate sooner

Taking summer classes can help you stay on track to graduate earlier. Who doesn’t want that!? Whether you take one or a few classes, it will help expedite the process for you as a student to move on to your next goal—whether it’s transferring to further a degree or if you’re ready to get a job.

By taking summer classes, you will thank yourself later. So what do you say, want to give a summer class at Ivy Tech a try? You can talk to your advisor on which classes to take and register for classes on


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