Three Ways I Get Through Finals Week

by Rachel Pope
Marketing Intern

The most stressful week as a college student is here. You’re probably staying up late putting the finishing touches on your final projects and studying for your final exam. Hopefully not doing it in its entirety, but if you are this article is definitely for you.

braceFinals week is hard, and believe me you are not the only one facing these struggles. After 16 weeks of working hard on your homework, small quizzes, and all of the little assignments in-between it all comes down to a final to determine whether you are going to pass the class.

It’s completely normal to be stressed, actually expected, after all this is your future. For many of us, this affects our financial aid, getting in to our programs, and maybe even the approval of others.

As a student myself, I know how stressful this week is. With that being said, there are three things that you can do to make this week easier on yourself.

Study. Study. Study.

This is obviously the easiest way to do well on your finals. You know the material, you have notes, you probably have other resources (old tests/assignments), use them! Study in doses. Don’t study all at once, that is the easiest way to get stressed! Leading up to the date of your test, take 20 minutes to study each day. Right before your final, do a quick review.

Take care of yourself

Finals week is the easiest week for a college student to lose sleep, eat junk food, and fall behind on your workouts. Don’t give up on your normal regimens! Your brain needs you now more than ever, make sure your brain is taken care of. Don’t say up late studying, it will only hurt you in the future. Remember, your brain needs a minimum of seven full hours of sleep to work effectively. I know many college students don’t eat healthy to begin with, but eating certain foods are proven to help your memory, so PLEASE eat healthy during finals week!


Trust the process. You are going to do just fine during your finals exams. You have gotten this far, you will make it through this week. Your professors/advisors understand that you are stressed. Believe me, they want you to pass your classes just as must as you do. So take a deep breath, relax, and laugh a lot! Finals week will be over before you know it!

I hope that this helps relieves some of the stress you are feeling this semester as finals week is in full effect. Remember study, take care of yourself, and relax. Finals are going to be a breeze.



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