Back to School as a 40-Something

by Angela Macgilivray
Student, East Chicago campus

As a 40-something returning to school, I admit to being a bit nervous. It’s been over 20 years since I took a class. Will I remember how to study? How will I find the time?

angela-macgilivrayI am married and work full-time. I have family obligations. I signed up for classes back in April and I have been excited ever since. I guess you would compare it to a kid at Christmas. The anticipation of something fun, something you are looking forward to. But as I sit here the evening before my class starts I feel more nervous than excited.

I have long regretted so many decisions that I made about my education when I was younger. I got my GED rather than graduate. I have wished many times that I had gone away to college.

Instead, I went to community college but I didn’t take it seriously. After only one year I quit.

I entered the working world and have been job-hopping ever since. I definitely never fulfilled my potential. Now that I am older I truly feel that I am ready to work hard and commit to my education and myself. I feel that going to school now will be so much different, and better, because it is choice I am making for myself. Not something that I feel I ‘have’ to do or that I am ‘supposed’ to do.

So, I went all out. I got new notebooks and pencils, folders and binders. I have everything in a messenger bag, ready to go. I just have to pick it up and out the door I go. I am determined to be the very best student I can be. I can learn from those students that are younger and I’m sure I have experience that I can share with them too.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new adventure, a whole new chapter in my life. Age is just a number and you are never too old to follow your dreams.

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