An Office with Windows

by Joyce Baker
Assistant Director of Career Services, Fort Wayne 


The following is an article I recently wrote for my LinkedIn account. If you are reading this, you have likely made the choice to pursue higher education. Congratulations on deciding to choose!

I have an office with windows. I know. I’m lucky. But that was a choice I made. When I was promoted to Assistant Director two years ago I could have moved into a larger corner office–one that was vacated by my dear friend who decided to join the corporate world after giving her all to higher education. You could say I’m lucky that I had a choice.

My desk faces a wall of windows that look out onto a courtyard where there are trees, flowers, tables, chairs, and a stage for spring and fall outdoor performances.

I can watch students and faculty as they walk from my building to the Student Life Center. I’ve always been a people-watcher and it brings a smile to my face when I observe students of all ages–traditional and non-traditional–walking up the stairs from the bookstore.

They have made a choice.

Some of them are “undecided” and I may eventually meet with them to assess their interests and skills in order to help them choose a major. But for now they have made a choice to attend community college.

This choice can be one that leads to a different way of living for so many students. The decision to choose higher education can mean the difference between simply surviving and actually thriving.

Freedom of choice is empowering.

On a wall in my office is the following quote:

I choose…To live by choice, not by chance; To make changes, not excuses; To be motivated, not manipulated; To be useful, not used; To excel, not compete. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinion of others.

Every time one of those “undecided” students comes to see me they see that quote on the wall behind me. And they see my windows. Sometimes they comment on how they love being able to see outside and when they do I tell them about why I chose this office. An office with windows is a little like a life enhanced by higher education. It can help you to see beyond your four walls. If you’re lucky enough to have the choice–you really should take it. I think you’ll be glad you did.


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