I Define Success: Marc Brewer

marc-brewer-2017.jpgMarc Brewer has worked at a distribution center in Indianapolis since 2006. He started in the outbound department, loading boxes onto trucks, eventually moving to inbound, where he helped receive freight. It was here that another job caught his eye.

As Marc worked in the distribution center, he saw the mechanics repairing and troubleshooting equipment and it sparked his interest. He approached his employer and learned about a program at Ivy Tech Community College that would prepare him for a job as a mechanic.

In January 2014, Marc made the decision to enroll in the Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology program at Ivy Tech’s Downtown Indianapolis Campus.

Through the program, Marc has been able to get hands-on experience with equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which has been one of his favorite aspects of the program.

“A lot of things I learn at Ivy Tech, I do in the field. It’s not like you learn about it in the book and then it’s completely different in real life,” Marc said. “You can learn something from the book, but once you get your hands on it and actually do it, that’s how you get a better understanding of it.”

Prior to attending Ivy Tech, Marc had earned a degree from another institution, but it did not help him advance in his career, and ultimately cost him valuable time and money. He noted it was a set-back, but he decided to move forward, encouraging other students to do the same.

“Don’t quit school. Find something you’re interested in, whatever intrigues your mind, that’s what you should go with. There are always opportunities to change your mind.”

Along the way, Marc has kept a busy schedule. He has his hands full with work, taking care of his teenage niece and nephew and a having a baby of his own. Marc said he could not have done it without time management skills and the support of his wife and family.

Due to his pursuit of additional education, Marc has gotten a promotion at work as a mechanic, where he gets to do what he loves. Marc is also now teaching classes part-time at Ivy Tech in the Advanced Automation and Robotics program while finishing his degree.

“Through Ivy Tech I got a promotion at work and the opportunity to teach students, so I can pass on what I’ve learned in the field. It makes me feel good about myself that I can take what I learned and pass that knowledge onto other students.”


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