Program Spotlight: Industrial Technology

by Rachel Pope
Marketing Intern

Is Industrial Technology for you?

Being one of Ivy Tech Community Colleges most hands on programs, Industrial Technology covers a variety of topics from welding to fluid power systems.

The Industrial Technology program allows you to work hands-on with a variety of machines. This allows you to become a welder, industrial technologist, or even in a supervising role. With a limited amount of lecture time, students are well prepared for the career of their life.

How Ivy Tech will prepare you for the workforce

Ivy Tech’s Industrial Technology program offers students prime training in order to develop the skills necessary to be successful in the field. With less than 20% of class time being lecture time, Ivy Tech professors dedicate most of their time to hand-on learning. Although the professors view lecture time as being important, they also know the importance of working on equipment prior to their first day on the job.

“Students are choosing the Industrial Technology programs to really learn the skills needed to be successful in manufacturing facilities,” says Bob Parker, Ivy Tech instructor. “Hands-on learning is really the key to really understanding the specific types of equipment that these students are being trained to work on.”

Like many of Ivy Tech’s other programs, Industrial Technology offers students a variety of options upon completion of their degree. Many students decide to go directly into the workforce as welders, machinists, etc.; however students also have an option to transfer to Indiana State University to further their education.

Learn more

Is a career in Industrial Technology the career for you? Apply today to make your dream career a reality. Have any further questions regarding Ivy Tech or your potential degree path? Call 888-IVY-LINE, or visit your local campuses today!


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