Why should you sign up for C2C?

Commit to Complete (C2C) sign-ups are just around the corner – but why should you sign it? Commit to Complete is an initiative designed to encourage students to complete their education. You may be thinking…what’s in it for me?

Studies have shown that people who write down their goals are significantly more likely to achieve their goals.

You came to Ivy Tech for a reason – we want you to achieve your goals and we know you feel the same. By signing, research shows you are more likely to obtain your goals. So let’s just put it in writing!

When you sign the pledge to complete your degree, it motivates you to accomplish your completion goals.

Think of it as an extended to-do list. For those who love to check things off your list, by signing the Commit to Complete pledge, you will have a constant reminder of the things to come.

When you sign, you are consciously recognizing the importance of completing your degree.

We know it’s important, you know it’s important, let’s make it official by putting it on paper.

Signing the pledge can help you to focus on what you want for the future.

Ever heard of vision boards? Vision boards are physical boards people create to help them visual what they want for their future, and stay on task. Think of signing Commit to Complete as the start of your own vision board.

When you sign, it reminds you how far you’ve come on your path to reach your goals.

You’ve come along way, let’s not forget that. But you still have a little more to go to reach your goals, write it down, you can do it!

The College has great resources for students. By signing the pledge, we can help connect you with people on campus who can help you reach your completion goals.

Signing the pledge gives you an extra boost. We will help connect you with people on campus the can help you reach your completion goals; and we will give you access to resources to help you stay on track.

You should sign because your completion matters. The pledge is a symbol of the significance of your completion.

You want that diploma, so your completion matters. Don’t let it fall to the way-side.

Talk to Student Life on a campus near you to see where you can sign up for Commit to Complete.


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