I Define Success: Joyce Mabbit

joyce-mabbitt.jpgAt the age of ten, Joyce Mabbitt took a class in which she developed a floor plan for her dream home. While taking this class, she got the opportunity to study building codes, dimensions, and furnishings. Later, she took a computer modeling class in high school that reaffirmed her passion for design. She enjoyed it so much that years later, she pursued a degree in design technology.

Finding a college that meets all your needs as a student can be difficult. Joyce was looking for a program with an affordable tuition, flexible class schedules, and a Lafayette campus.

Ivy Tech offered Joyce that, and so much more.

“Ivy Tech classes are small, so the instructors really get to know you. I always felt they were genuinely committed to my success. I learned critical design and modeling skills from instructors with real life experience in the field,” Joyce said. “Just as importantly, the Ivy Tech faculty taught me how to present and market myself with a top-notch portfolio and professional interviewing tactics.”

Soon after completing the Ivy Tech Design Technology program, Joyce landed an interview with one of Ivy Tech’s program partners, Arconic, a global technology and advanced manufacturing leader. With the preparation that Ivy Tech offered her, she aced the interview, and soon after started her career as an Extrusion Tooling Designer, manufacturing parts that fly on commercial and military aircraft the world over.

“Jonathan Combs, my portfolio course instructor, coached us through an assignment in which we prepared answers to a list of “top ten” interview questions. The next week, I interviewed with Arconic and was asked six of those 10 questions. Answering was a breeze! I can’t thank Ivy Tech enough for the preparation and guidance,” said Joyce.

The decision to go back to school is a difficult one. However, the flexibility and opportunities Ivy Tech offered Joyce made the decision easier for this single mother.

“I am proof that going back to school can change your life for the better. Before my Ivy Tech degree, I was unfulfilled in my job and struggling to pay my bills. Now my job with Arconic offers new challenges every day and financial security for my family.”


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