I Define Success: Esther Conde

esther_conde.pngIndianapolis Campus
ASAP Graduate

Esther Condé earned her bachelor’s degree in three years and is now excelling in her career.

By taking advantage of Ivy Tech’s Associate Accelerated Program (ASAP), Esther Condé was able to earn her bachelor’s degree in three years and get a head start toward a great career. Esther speaks French fluently and is originally from Guinea, where her parents still reside. She made the decision to come to the United States to pursue her education.

In 2011, Esther graduated from the ASAP Program, earning her associate degree in just one year. The credits she earned at Ivy Tech transferred to Ashford University in Iowa, where she received a full-ride scholarship to study business administration. Just two years later, she was able to complete her bachelor’s degree.

“Transferring from ASAP to Ashford University was really easy for me because of my friends and because of the support staff. They really pushed me throughout ASAP and I took that with me to Ashford University,” Esther said. “I feel like I’m more successful because of ASAP.”

Upon graduation, she was hired by NextGear Capital as an audit reconciliation representative. She found the job opportunity through a career fair during her time at Ivy Tech. Esther has been offered a promotion within her company to a position in Canada, where she can utilize her French-speaking skills and the knowledge/skills she learned at Ivy Tech.


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