I Define Success: Matt Sondergoth

matt-sondergoth.jpgMatt Sondgeroth is a 2003 graduate from the Lafayette campus. He choose Ivy Tech Community College because he wanted an affordable education, the ability to enter the workforce quicker than a typical four year degree would allow and the flexibility to work full-time while also attending courses.

Matt had a passion for drafting and completed his degree in Design Technology. He currently is a Project Manager for a company that provides technology solutions to Home Builders in numerous ways.

When asked how Ivy Tech faculty and courses prepared him for his career, Matt stated “The faculty are working professionals in the courses they are teaching. Their hands on-experience in related fields provided me with additional insight for what I could expect once I started my career.”

Any advice you can pass along to people who are interested in Ivy Tech?

“If you put forth the effort and show some initiative and interest with your courses, you can have a rewarding career with what Ivy Tech has to offer.”


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