I Define Success: Kyle Steiner

In 2002, Kykyle-steiner.jpgle Steiner embarked on a journey that would soon lead him to a successful career. Struggling on choosing the right degree, he decided to go to Ivy Tech Community College to complete his core classes, then transfer to Purdue University.

“I didn’t know what career path to take. I know many classes from Ivy Tech could transfer to Purdue, so that’s the path I took,” said Kyle. “Once I decided on my career path, I could transfer to Purdue and focus on my major.”

Although Kyle struggled to find a program that he would enjoyed, he remembered he took drafting classes in high school that he thoroughly enjoyed. As soon as he figured out the Ivy Tech offered a Design Technology program, he dove in and started the program.

“Many of the classes that I took were taught by professors who have spent their whole life in the industry. Since these individuals were industry professionals, they provided me a real-world experience that prepared me for the workforce,” Kyle noted. “The small class sizes that are offered at Ivy Tech provided me the one-on-one attention I needed to do well in my classes.”

Kyle graduated from Ivy Tech in 2004 and is now a Project Manager at CG Visions in Lafayette, Indiana.

“If you are the type that learns best in a smaller classroom, Ivy Tech is a great choice. This provided me regular opportunities to have one-on-one conversations with my professors.”


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