Student Success: Matthew Burbrink, Design Technology

matthew-burbrinkMeet Matthew Burbrink, a 2014 Ivy Tech Lafayette graduate. He took an unconventional route to achieve his Design Technology degree with Ivy Tech.

Matthew took time off after graduating high school, working in and out of factories for three years before deciding to make a change.

“Ivy Tech was more willing to take me in,” Matthew said, after being away from school for years. He choose Ivy Tech for the “affordable rates, the ability to transfer credits, individualized attention from instructors and career focused courses.”

The courses in Matthew’s program prepared him for a professional career that gave him an edge when it came to finding a career as an entry-level employee.

“I doubt I would have the position I do now, if it wasn’t for the courses or my design instructor that guided my class through the transition into the workforce, this gave me the confidence needed to stand out amongst the crowd,” he said.

The internship program offered through Ivy Tech was also a key element in his success.

Currently, Matthew works for Jayco Inc., where his team designs all facets of a motorized recreation vehicle. He originally started as an intern, through the Ivy Tech program, and was hired immediately after his graduation. Matthew worked his way from an intern to his current role as an Engineering Supervisor.

Matthew advised by choosing Ivy Tech, it was the smartest choice he could make to find a career instead of another job. His advice to those interested in Ivy Tech?

“If you’re not sure what to go in for, take a chance and select something that feels right because once you find that path, it will open up a whole world of possibilities.”


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