I Define Success: Courtney Sinclair

thumbnail_CourtneySinclair.jpgAfter being accepted into several of her favorite art schools, Courtney Sinclair made the choice to come to Ivy Tech Community College. Deciding what school to choose wasn’t the easiest thing for Courtney, but she knew he didn’t want to go into a large amount debt while attending college. “Staying in Indiana and attending Ivy Tech provided me the ability to dream bigger.”

Courtney attended the Bloomington Campus to complete her pre-requisites, and then continued with the Visual Communications program at the Columbus Campus.

She says her favorite part about attending Ivy Tech Community College was the professors and other staff members. “They made sure we took every opportunity we had- from applying to scholarships, traveling abroad, and putting our work out into the world! They were all extremely helpful, and so experienced.” Courtney believes that they provided her an outstanding support system, one that she will be able to refer back to as her career develops.

While attending Ivy Tech Community College, Courtney was able to talk to other experienced artists in her field. She believes she learned many aspects from Ivy Tech Community College; not only the artistic part of her career, but also how to run her own business.

Courtney now owns her own photography business, and is currently a portrait and wedding photographer in Bloomington, Indiana. Courtney has had continued success as a business owner, and continues to make connections within her local community!


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