I Define Success: Delbia Jones

delbia-jones-2.jpgIndiana needs more women in technology. According to SmartAsset, only 28.5 percent of computer jobs here are held by women. Next year, Indiana will have at least one more woman in the talent pool: Delbia Jones.

Delbia graduates December 2017 with an associate degree in Cyber Security, an area in high-demand in Indiana.

Technology has always interested Delbia. Prior to coming to Ivy Tech, she had worked for ATT for several years and took some continuing education courses onsite.

When her son began to struggle with health issues, she sacrificed her job to stay home and take care of him. After four years, her son got better and Delbia’s husband encouraged her to go back to school.

Though she had some classes under her belt, Delbia knew that she needed to complete a degree to secure a good job. She made the decision to enroll at Ivy Tech Community College.

Once enrolled in classes, Delbia learned about IvyWorks at Ivy Tech, a program at that offers students wraparound support and professional and career development. Through a partnership with IvyWorks and Indy Women in Tech (IWiT), an organization supporting women in STEM, Delbia was able to get additional support and financial assistance to earn her degree.

“Being able to engage in a program that came at the right time was huge. This program helped me figure out my next steps.”

Delbia said the program presented her with many opportunities, including networking with employers in the industry.

“I really feel like the IWiT program has prepared me to interact and network. This program is a blessing for me. Every female student who is interested in IT should be in this program. If it’s good for me, it’s good for someone else, too.”

After watching Delbia’s transformation at Ivy Tech, her husband also enrolled.

Delbia and her husband are graduating from Ivy Tech together this fall. On top of being students, they are also adoptive and foster parents. Their son, who is now healthy and happy, is inspired by his parents’ experience.

“He watches us go to Ivy Tech and he is intrigued about going to college now!”


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