I Define Success: Winter Ruggaber

winter-ruggaber.jpgThe Practical Nursing program at Ivy Tech Community College prepared Winter Ruggaber for a successful career in nursing.

Winter graduated with a technical certificate in Practical Nursing in December 2017 and served as the student speaker at her graduation ceremony. She went on to pass the NCLEX exam in January and earned her licensed practical nurse (LPN) certification.

Upon earning the certification, Winter was promoted from an aide at the nursing home where she works to an LPN, increasing her earnings and setting her up for career growth.

She credits the hands-on experience she got in the classroom and clinical setting for preparing her for a career in nursing.

“The clinical experiences Ivy Tech had for the students really helped me see different hospital settings and different areas of interest. I was able to practice a lot of the skills we did in class out in the real world,” she said. “The curriculum includes so many different tools to prepare you for the NCLEX exam. It was very helpful for me and many other classmates.”

Winter has been accepted to LPN to ASN Transitional Track program at Ivy Tech, which will prepare her to become a registered nurse (RN).

In addition to the curriculum and program itself, Winter said instructors in the program went above and beyond to help students learn through office hours, study groups and open communication.

“I continue to go to Ivy Tech for the low priced tuition, but also because of the great teachers I’ve had, how close classmates get and how much everyone helps each other when we go through a program together,” she said.

After she graduates from the RN program, Winter would like to work in a hospital setting. She has chosen this career path so she can continue to help others, which she finds extremely rewarding.

“The people you take care of as a nurse aren’t always happy and in good health; they can be at their rock bottom and not wanting to deal with anybody or anything. If you do your job to the best of your ability and show compassion and listen to the things they say and need, and go the extra mile for them, then you may just brighten their spirit and make them smile,” she said. “That is the most rewarding thing for me; helping to heal people in their body, mind, and soul. You won’t always succeed, but every now and then you do, and it is worth it.”



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