I Define Success: Shanee Mason

shanee-mason.pngWhen it comes to overcoming obstacles, Human Services graduate Shanee Mason says they are well worth the fight.

After being the CEO of S.M. & 3D Changing Directions Inc., Shanee was ready to make a career change and wanted to pave the way for the future generations of her family. Ivy Tech was close to home and a perfect fit.

Shanee loved the Human Services program, especially participating in the Human Services Club.

“We did hands-on volunteer work in town and every year we traveled to Chicago to the Hull House and First Mission,” she said.

While volunteering, Shanee and her fellow students helped to meet the needs of others, fold linens and serve in the kitchen. She was proud that her club was Ivy Tech Indianapolis’ “Club of the Year” in 2017.
However, her time as a student wasn’t easy.

In 2016, four people close to Shanee passed away, back to back. Her husband also had a heart attack that year, which made things challenging for the couple and their four small children. To further fuel the fire, the family experienced a flood, leaving them homeless. Upon moving into their new home, they had even more problems just three months into living there.

“My financial coach at Ivy Tech and their committee came together and helped raise money for our rent to help us give our family a very Merry Christmas,” Shanee explained. “Ivy Tech cares about their students. I found a second family right here at Ivy Tech Community College.”

It was experiences like this that gave Shanee the hope and perseverance to keep up her momentum.

Shanee participated in a job ready program that helped her with her resume. She also was a part of her campus’ credit program, which helps students repair their credit and get their life back on track. Shanee encourages other students to explore all the different programs Ivy Tech offers for assistance.

In addition, she credits several of her professors that inspired her to keep up her hard work. These include Scott Roskalit, Dr. Cameron Hicks, Dennis Karsor, Debra Whitley and Maria Parrish.

Shanee graduated in December 2017 and plans to go on to obtain her bachelor’s degree. She hopes to become a social worker and serve her local community and “spread the love needed to make this world a safe one, in which we live.”



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