Time for Change

By: McKenna Wildauer

Time is awaiting.
Nobody is innocent,
But we can all choose
When to do what is right.

What is right?
What is wrong?
Who knows?
When racism exists, There is no equality. Hate is thriving.

You’ll be nothing.
You can’t compare.
You are poor.
You are black.
You are disrupting the peace!
What peace?

Nowhere to be seen.
The rich don’t see the problem. The whites aren’t affected,
This is no issue to them.
They put you down,
Disregard you!

As if you’re nothing.
Not a human.
Not even an animal.
Not breathing.
You are trash.
You are irrelevant!

Where is the peace?
The acceptance?
The love?
The equality?
The kindness?
The humanity?

It is all lost beyond the stars, Waiting for a brave soul,
To venture beyond our atmosphere, And make things right.
This journey won’t be easy.
And can’t be done alone.

In this crisis we are facing today,
Very few people step in to help.
But Martin Luther King Jr.
Was one of the brave souls,
Who sacrificed his life for what was right, He fought to the very end.

But what if things do change …
What if there is peace?
What if equality arises?
What if war ends?
What if there is a revolution?
What if …

Let’s stop pondering “What if?”
And start shouting “When!”
I can feel it in my bones.
We are all waiting for it to happen.
It’s just a matter of when,
And who.

When will be the time,
For people to do what is right?
The time is always right,
To do what is right.


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