Why I am proud to be an Ivy Tech Student

by Justin Meyers
Student and President of the Campus Activities Board, Lake County

justin-meyers-photoEver since I had found out about Ivy Tech Community College, I was at first skeptical to be a student. I didn’t know of the college at first, my first choice would have been Indiana Tech. But once I found out about the dual credit I had received at the college from the Area Career Center, I was basically sold into wanting to go to the college.

At first, when I went for the orientation, I had attended the now old Gary Indiana Ivy Tech Building. I was so intrigued by how big it was on the inside for such a small building. They had a café, a big student lounge, a whole bunch of computer labs, very nice student life office, and a big tutoring center.

I was fully sold now on going to the college. I saw my opportunity to become a student and become closer to my Welding Degree unlike other colleges. I became a student within the next few weeks of my decision and started my simple, express enrollment, into the school. I received my C number and my classes that very same day. I was enrolled in two welding classes, my trade math class, an introductory college class, as well as a psychology class. I became a full-time student for my first semester even though I was offered to become a part-time student. Within the first few weeks of classes, I started joining clubs as well as meetings.

My first club that I actually joined was called CAB. CAB is also known as the Campus Activities Board, which I am currently the president of for the spring 2018 semester. Then I started joining other clubs like the East Chicago Ivy Knights Chess Club. Soon Enough I was asked to become the Vice President for the Ivy Knights. I had accepted the responsibility and I started my track towards enjoying Ivy Tech and seeing the wonders of a community college.

Ivy Tech has a lot of great resources, teachers, advisors, and friends, no matter how well their abilities are. I have seen many people come and go from the college but I found even more opportunities at the college itself instead of near my own house like becoming a peer tutor or working in the college bookstore. So after a full two years at Ivy Tech; may graduate very soon; I have two jobs at the college, one in the Tutoring Center, and one in the Bookstore; and I am President of my own club called The Guild. Ivy Tech Community College teaches you real-world skills and lets students have fun while at school, no matter if they are old or young. I am proud to be an Ivy Tech Student.


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