I Define Success: Preston Franklin

shp18013_1694.jpgAfter Preston Franklin graduated from Ivy Tech Indianapolis with his Associate of Applied Science from the School of Information in Technology, he proudly displayed it on his wall. It was placed just underneath the picture of his mother, who passed away when he was 10-years-old.

“This one is for her,” he said. “It’s a long time coming.”
Preston studied information technology support, noting it was the best program to learn the basics of what he wanted to accomplish.

During his time as a student, he participated in the Collegiate Veterans Association (CVA) and Student Veterans Association (SVA). Each of these groups helps veterans in a variety of ways.

“At school, we have resource fairs and things like that where we try to help veterans get the full benefits of their education so they know what program they can utilize for payments for tuition,” he explained.

They also work to help veterans break through barriers and acclimate to the civilian lifestyle.
Preston is a veteran himself and served in the Air Force for eight years, then the Army National Guard for one year. He did two tours overseas.

He has enjoyed participating in the CVA and SVA to help other veterans overcome obstacles.
“It’s hard being a civilian,” Preston explained. “I’ve been out over 20 years.”

preston-franklin.jpgAlso while at Ivy Tech, Preston has loved learning new skills in his Information Technology Support program and working with his professors, including Mrs. Christine Bresnahan, or “Mrs. B” as she goes by in his Linux 116 class.
For others new to Ivy Tech, or considering the college, he recommends getting into study groups as soon as you can to help you succeed.

“There is help out there if you know where to look,” Preston said.
After graduating with his degree from the School of Information Technology, Preston will take a break from school and then pick up his education in the fall.

“My first passion is medical,” he explained.

Years prior, he was a nursing student and was even a CPR instructor after Ivy Tech. He hopes to earn his Advanced Cardio Life and Pediatric Cardio Life certifications so he can teach. When he revisits his education in the fall, he may take all medical courses or mix in medical and computer classes simultaneously.

No matter what, he is proud of the work he has accomplished in his mother’s honor.

“This is truly for her; she is my hero!”


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