I Define Success: Mira Cassidy

When Mira Cassidy decided to gomira-cassidy.jpg to college, she was a single mom looking for the opportunity to improve herself and to provide a better quality of life for her child. She wanted a school that was cost-friendly and convenient.

Mira became interested in Ivy Tech after visiting the campus and hearing the wonderful things said about the school.

“The one thing that attracted me the most was the reputation. When giving advice, others would suggest to me, ‘Try Ivy Tech,’ and I’m glad I did,” she said.

Since she was a child, Mira remembers keeping a journal and writing poetry. While finishing her Associate Degree in General Studies, she took a creative writing course that sparked a career in writing. She felt like all of the puzzle pieces were coming together.

“I was blossoming, and I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned not only in creative writing, but throughout my education, and apply it to my life and my career.”

Today, Mira is a self-published author. Her debut novel, Let Mia Tell It, is based off real events that tell a story about domestic violence, and how it can happen to anyone. She hopes to become a best-selling author and to take her experiences to a public speaking format.

mira-cassidy-cover.jpg“I’d like to give the life lessons that I’ve had or what I’ve learned to others, so they can be encouraged and hopefully make better decisions to benefit themselves.”

Because of Ivy Tech, Mira learned critical thinking skills that helped her achieve success. She advises students interested in Ivy Tech tour the campus, visit career services, and talk with individuals from different departments.

“Ivy Tech is the number one community college in the United States of America. That’s a big deal! Ivy Tech has proven to be a reliable center for education and advancement. I’m proud to be an alumni.”


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