I Define Success: Rebecca Winkle

If you ask Rebecca Winkle what it takes to succeed as a college student, she’ll tell you it’s simultaneously very simple and very challenging.

The simple part? “You get what you put in,” she says. In other words, you have a lot of control over your own destiny.

The challenging part? Well, consider this: Rebecca starts her day at 1 a.m. so she can complete some homework before heading to her full-time job.


It’s not for everyone, but Rebecca wouldn’t have it any other way. And soon, she’ll be able to sleep in—at least a little—after graduating in December with a degree in Informatics.

Rebecca says her motivation stems from her decision to enroll in college a little later in life. She adds that Ivy Tech has helped her succeed beyond anything she once thought possible—including her selection as a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, the nation’s largest leadership honor society.

“When I decided to pursue a college degree at 30 years old as a full-time working adult I needed something that would fit into my busy schedule,” Rebecca explains. “I started this journey nervous that I wouldn’t be able to succeed and now I’m graduating magna cum laude. I’m confident I’ve gained the skills I need to excel in a career in the Informatics field.”

Rebecca originally chose Ivy Tech because it was affordable, allowed her to continue working a full-time job, and was close to her home. However, the quality of the college’s Informatics program quickly became just as important, given Rebecca’s desire to graduate from a respected, accredited program and her interest in pursuing certifications.

“My goal was to earn a college degree in a field that has strong projected growth,” she says. “Ivy Tech provided me with all the resources and support to achieve that goal.”

Now, she’s interviewing for positions in her field while also thinking about pursuing a bachelor’s degree. And while she hasn’t yet determined which path she’ll take, one thing’s certain: nothing, not even sleep, will stand in her way.

“My experience at Ivy Tech has provided me with tools and tips to present myself as an ideal candidate,” Rebecca says. “I’m confident I have the knowledge to succeed.”


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