I Define Success: Allison Newell Risch

allison newell risch photoAllison Newell Risch graduated from Ivy Tech Community College Columbus in 2002 with an associate degree in nursing. Allison’s nursing career exemplifies her commitment to her community, excellence in patient care and an ability to educate those in her field. When asked why she chose to study at Ivy Tech, Allison, who had previously graduated from Purdue, knew she didn’t want to waste time repeating general education credits she had already received. That’s when her mother, an Ivy Tech Columbus faculty member, really encouraged her to attend.

“…the ASN program is very intense. Once you get in, you dive right in. That full immersion that I was exposed to, really helped me to seal that decision that I really wanted to be a nurse,” Allison said.

Allison’s experience at Ivy Tech was challenging at times. “We were pushed hard,” Allison said, “and that helped me to gain confidence in myself.” Those challenges proved to push Allison toward success, graduating Cum Laude for the program and going on to receive multiple awards in nursing. Currently, Allison is a Case Management Manager at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“What I learned at Ivy Tech was the different avenues that nursing can take you. The nursing curriculum helps you to learn the diverse field of nursing, and it really helps you to see that nursing is something that can change lives.”

She is a shining example to future and current nursing students of what they can accomplish in the medical field. Allison continues to be involved with Ivy Tech through her family’s creation of the Pitt Family Endowment, a scholarship created to support nursing students.

Allison Risch2

“We’re big Ivy Tech supporters. I’ve encouraged so many people to go,” she said. “It is ideal for adult learners and people with families who want to go back to school.”

Ivy Tech Community College is proud to celebrate Allison’s success and achievements with the Distinguished Alumni Award. This annual award honors alumni for their commitment to the College and to their communities. The awardees are leaders in their professions who make significant contributions benefiting their community, state, or college.

The alumni recognized with this award represent the very best of what an Ivy Tech education makes possible. Alumni, faculty, staff, and friends are all encouraged to submit nominations online.


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