I Define Success: Jessica Strunk

Jessica Strunk knows the value of education. Currently the Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Services at Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington, Jessica began her journey with Ivy Tech almost 13 while working on her Associate Degree in Office Administration.

“While working on my degree at Ivy Tech, I started working as a work-study student in the Registrar’s Office. This experience opened my eyes to what is involved in higher education,” said Jessica, “I didn’t ever think that I’d be a Vice-Chancellor, but my coworkers pushed me to achieve my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.”

Jessica Strunk2

When Jessica began the Office Administration program in 2004, she was sure she wanted to be a secretary her entire career, but as Jessica says, “education is a gateway to success.” Through her studies and position in the Registrar’s Office, Jessica’s eyes opened to the many opportunities in education. As Vice-Chancellor, Jessica’s mission is to “show students the capability of education and how it can be accessed.” She helps students understand what education can do for them and break through the barriers holding them back. Jessica’s dedication to higher education, work ethic, and compassion are just a few reasons why her colleague, Trudy Weddle, chose to nominate her for the Distinguished Alumni Award.

In her nomination Trudy said:

“[Jessica] is focused, dedicated, and brings integrity to every commitment she makes in her life. She has a spirit about her that is contagious… always putting everyone above herself, always going above and beyond for her colleagues and our students – If anyone ever needs anything on our campus, she is our go to and never skips a beat!”

In addition to being Vice-Chancellor, Jessica plays an active role in the Lawrence County community. She is part of the Circle of Ivy women’s philanthropy group, where she also involves her 9-year-old daughter in raising funds to support Ivy Tech students.

“I’m excited to get her involved in philanthropy and to take her to Circle of Ivy events,” Jessica said, “She is in training to become a ‘mini ambassador’ for Ivy Tech!”

Jessica’s career is a fantastic example of how hard work and education can better a persons’ life. She wants students to know that “they can build a better tomorrow starting now” and that Ivy Tech is a great place to start.

Ivy Tech Community College is proud to celebrate Jessica’s success and achievements with the Distinguished Alumni Award. This annual award honors alumni for their commitment to the College and to their communities. The awardees are leaders in their professions who make significant contributions benefiting their community, state, or college.

The alumni recognized with this award represent the very best of what an Ivy Tech education makes possible. Alumni, faculty, staff, and friends are all encouraged to submit nominations online.


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