I Define Success: Breanne Morgan

Breanne Morgan photoOn May 17, 2019, Breanne Morgan walked across the stage wearing a black cap and gown to receive her associate degree in general studies from Ivy Tech Community College. About a month later, she graduated from Blackford High School.

During her junior year of high school, Morgan said she noticed that although she was not pursuing a college degree in high school, she had completed many college credits through dual-credit courses.

When she approached her guidance counselor, she found she was about 15 credits away from completing her associate degree. So, even though it meant taking a few summer courses, she said she decided to go for it.

“To me that made sense,” Morgan said. “Why not just go all the way?”

Some of the classes Morgan had to take from Ivy Tech to complete her degree were music appreciation, psychology and a computer class. Her favorite class was psychology.

“I had already taken psychology in high school and I really enjoyed it,” Morgan said. “It kind of reignited the love I had for the subject.”

Morgan said she plans on majoring in psychology when she attends Indiana Wesleyan University in the fall. She said she is excited to take more classes that immediately relate to her major because she has already completed her general studies courses.

“It is kind of a head start,” Morgan said. “I can get my bachelor’s two years sooner which means I can go to grad school sooner and get started in my career sooner.”

Her senior year, Morgan was a member of Key Club, a member of a local archery club, the treasurer for National Honors Society and student body president.

In the course of navigating her busy schedule and adjusting to the caliber of college courses, Morgan learned how to be a more efficient student, she said.

“Instead of figuring it all out my first year at college, I have figured out an effective system for me and how I need to manage my work and my assignments,” Morgan said.

For Morgan, this system includes using a lot of to-do lists and completing school work in different locations, such as a coffee shop or library.

Morgan said although her classes were online and she was juggling many different activities while completing them, her professors at Ivy Tech were always attentive. Every time she emailed them a question, they would respond quickly and make sure her questions were answered, said Morgan.

“Even though it was online and not face-to-face, they were always willing to help and make sure you understood,” Morgan said.

Morgan said she had to work hard and sometimes give up fun experiences in order to complete her school work. However earning an associate degree during high school was an attainable goal that was well worth her time.

“It was definitely worth it,” Morgan said. “It’s very satisfying knowing that I have been able to obtain this at such a young age.”


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