Community College Offers Pathways to the American Dream


by Dr. Kathleen Lee
Chancellor of Ivy Tech Central Indiana

Article was previously featured on WFYI’s “WFYI American Graduate Blog.

The American Dream holds different and very personal meanings for each of us, and the paths we take to achieve it are just as unique. For many, that path begins with community college. Despite what you may have heard, the flexibility and accessibility of community college—coupled with its inherently close relationships with local business—can offer a powerful launching point for many as they set off to find their own American Dream. Continue reading

Why Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology might be your perfect fit

aart_1by Rachel Pope
Marketing Intern

The Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology (AART) program is for students looking for a hands-on learning environment that offers the skills needed to be successful in a modern manufacturing environment. There is a huge demand for skilled employees in manufacturing, as an Industrial Machinery mechanic you could make a salary is $23.64 per hour. Continue reading

Getting a Head Start on your Education Paves the Way

by Kelsey Batten
Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications

I grew up in Greenville, Ohio, home of Annie Oakley, Whirlpool and the famous Maid-Rite sandwich.  I was always a motivated person and driven to find the perfect job.  When I was a junior in high school I enrolled for classes at Edison State Community College through a program called post-secondary education.  Much like Ivy Tech Community College’s dual credit program, I earned college and high school credits at the same time, while not paying a penny out of pocket on tuition and fees. Continue reading