“A Man’s World”

By: Amanda Chadwick

I hope to see the day when women can be considered equal to men.
The day when we can fiercely wield sharp tongues and a pen.
I want to see MY daughter carry on in MY place to Fight For what is right.
To stand firm on her principles and learn the power of her own might
A Flower cannot grow in a world clouded with blind hate.
But if we stand together as equals we can decide a different fate.


Turning Negative Nancies Into Positive Patties

By: Roberta Victery

Every person who walks this Earth has his or her own perspective. Perspective is one’s point of view. Many believe that it is not humanly possible, to alter their perspective. It is very well possible for one to alter one’s perspective. It is all in the hands of the one who would like to have a better outlook on their daily life, to make that change. Making the changes to positively alter a perspective is not easy, by any means. Change, in general, is not something that majority of us humans like to do, in the first place. Positive influence within the daily life can alter a negative perspective by having a conclusive influential surroundings, healthy lifestyles choices, and implementing actions for personal gratitude.

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“The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right”

By: Lori Ann Williams

Doing what is right STARTS with me.
Choices are what make or break a person, a home, a world.
Voices followed by emotions can take you places you don’t want to go,
and may take time, time you can’t get back, time wasted,
to remove not just your physical being, but also your mental captivity.
The voice of the Holy Spirit, however, can take you to a destiny
that the brain only wished it could comprehend.
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MLK Jr. Creative Writing

By: Rodney David

My biggest inspiration in history has to be Marin Luther King Jr. He was born in
Memphis, Tennessee on January 15th, 1929. For those who didn’t know, Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister and social activist that played a highly distinctive role in the American Civil Rights Movement. He was known for his speeches and his non-violent protests. Sadly, he was assassinated on April 4th, 1968. Continue reading

The Correlation: Frederick Douglass, Colin Kaepernick, and Pamela Hunt

By: Pamela D. Hunt

I grappled with the meaning of taking the knee, pressure of the knee myself, internal struggles, and the true meaning of the anthem. Lee Siegel in “Why Kaepernick Takes the Knee” explains, taking a knee, a gesture now being adopted by a wave of professional athletes- you would think that it was a militant motion, full of anger and menace, akin to the Black Power salutes raised by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics. But kneeling during the national anthem is a gesture of humility, not ominous ire.

Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem to protest police violence against African- Americans. The gesture shows the pain and distress that African- Americans go through still in 2017. Siegel praised this gesture for “putting America in a more honest context – or ‘Star Spangled Banner’ dimly seen through the mists of deep injury. It is like flying an American flag upside down in a moment of emergency.” Yet no matter how much Kaepernick’s heartfelt gesture of self- surrender echoed so much human suffering, rebukers blinded by tunnel vision saw only an assault against the flag, fallen service comrades, and the national anthem.

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“Lord Help Me”

By: Trent K. Hawthorne-Richards

In the name of the father, son, and holy spirit/l come to you now in hopes that when I wrote these lyrics/My goal ain’t disappearing, the people that’s supposed to, hear it!/Like this ain’t trash, this is a must stash (moustache) like I’m bearded/Fearless is what I pray, is what I aim to be/A world that GIVES opinions, don’t dictate where you’re TAKING me/Still blatantly, I’ve reacted mistakenly/How could you reward me graciously when I had her abort those pregnancies/…I…feel I don’t deserve it, am I really worth it?/l want to see the light but I’m surrounded by curtains/It’s. . . making me nervous through receptions, Michael Irvin/Brush through pain like Sherwin-/Williams, this is spiritual healing/We need “A Whole New World” like Aladdin singing to children/Pray this art pierces your heart, ain’t talking about Mildred/Problem is society’s focused on wrong types of feelings/

Lord help me, I know we don’t always talk/…And it’s my fault somewhere I became lost/…Without you I tried to run and couldn’t walk/…I’m in a spot that’s got me stopped and on pause/…God help me I don’t know what it was I thought/. ..Allah, Buddha whatever it is you’re called/…l got problems that only you can solve/…It’s BIG to me but to you it’s so small/Lord help me!

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