Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Project 2018

Here on the Ivy Tech Blog, we are excited to share with you the entries from Ivy Tech Community College’s 2018 Dr. Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Legacy Project. The MLK Legacy Project is an ARTivism exhibition that honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., where students all across Indiana were invited to participate.

ARTivism combines “art” and “activism.” It was created to increase social, environmental and technical awareness of communities through the medium of arts. The project awarded scholarships to first, second and third place, which you can learn more about on news.ivytech.edu.

All entries have been tagged in the “MLK” category for you to easily identify. We hope you will enjoy reading the great work of our students. We are proud!

Over the next few weeks as we showcase the Dr. MLK Jr. Legacy Project on this main page, you can also explore other blog entries by selecting any of the categories shown above. Don’t forget, all Ivy Tech students, faculty and staff are welcome to submit content for the Ivy Tech Blog.

Each blog expresses the thoughts and feelings of the student authors behind the work. They do not represent the views of the College. Minor spelling or grammar edits may have been made to some of the blogs, however, no edits were made to the content and meaning of the pieces.