Three Reasons I Should’ve Gone to Express Enrollment Day

Although I often heard of Express Enrollment events throughout Ivy Tech, I did not attend an event prior to becoming an Ivy Tech student. Whether it was me being stubborn, or not knowing the benefits of the event, it seemed easier to just figure it out on my own.

As an intern for Ivy Tech, I have learned of the benefits of attending one of these events, and I regret not attending one. So I decided to write this blog to let you know, my three reasons I wish I would have gone to an Express Enrollment Day.

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The Internet: A Student’s Best Friend

internet resources

by Joseph Black, student
Indianapolis Campus

It can be a nightmare to track down resources for college, especially if you’re just starting out your first semester.

Getting your books, materials, financial aid, student loans, advisement, classes registered, etc. can honestly seem like a never-ending to-do list. But there is one tool that every student should have at their fingertips and it’s also one tool that happens to be one of the most overlooked: Access to the Internet! Continue reading

Program Spotlight: Supply Chain Management

by Rachel Pope
Marketing Intern

Is a career in supply chain management for you?

As one of the biggest industries in the state of Indiana, Supply Chain and Logistics, the demand for skilled professionals continue to grow. Ivy Tech Community College’s Supply Chain Management program prepares students for a high demand industry.

Supply Chain Management addresses the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods. Continue reading

Program Spotlight: Network Infrastructure

High tech degree, for a high tech industry.

One of Ivy Tech Community College’s eight computing programs, Network Infrastructure, allows students to work with industry-standard networking equipment. This includes everything from routers and switches, to connectivity and mounting.

This curriculum also allows students to work through Cisco Networking Academy official CCNA preparation curriculum, and a variety of elective courses in infrastructure, wireless, voice, server administration and cyber security. Continue reading

Program Spotlight: Medical Assisting

Fast paced industries call for innovative programs.

Keeping up with the latest healthcare trends is extremely important. With Ivy Tech Community College’s Medical Assisting program, instructors pride themselves in an innovative program that properly prepares their students for the workforce.

“Healthcare is always changing and we want to make sure that the Medical Assisting program here is keeping up with changes within the industries,” says Sherry Braye, Ivy Tech instructor. “By implementing new policies and procedures in the healthcare system into our classes, we are able to do just that.” Continue reading

Program Spotlight: Nursing

shp15022_0097 (2)

Nursing isn’t always an easy profession, however, those in the field love it for being such a rewarding career. As a nurse, you have the opportunity every day to make a difference in someone’s life. Ivy Tech Community College has made a huge impact on not only those who have completed the program, but also the patients they have helped since earning their degree. Continue reading