Mad Ants 2.0, the basketball-shooting robot

Originally featured in Inside Ivy Tech of Fort Wayne, Warsaw and Wabash

The little robot wheels down an aisle of cheerleaders and waits patiently behind the basketball hoop. He’s controlled by a group of men in green lab coats. They’re not mad scientists, but perhaps they might be Mad Ants scientists?

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Why I Believe Everyone Should Take a Philosophy Class in College

by Rachel Pope
Marketing Work Study

Last semester, I took a philosophy class. Long story short, I was told it would be a “blow-off” class and I wouldn’t learn much from completing it. After hearing countless criticism about the study of philosophy, I felt defeated and made me dread the upcoming semester completely. However, a few weeks in I realized what a positive effect that this “blow-off” class was going to be on me and my future. Continue reading