Blog Topic Ideas

Contribute to the Ivy Tech Blog!

Did you know that everyone at Ivy Tech is welcome to (and encouraged!) write for the Ivy Tech blog? This includes you! Whether you are a student, faculty or staff–everyone can participate.

If you are interested but unsure what to write about, try one of these ideas! Also, be sure to explore the blog and read what other students have to say.

Also, if at any point you get stuck in the submission process, don’t hesitate to email us at

Topic Ideas

  • Campus life
  • Chronicles of an internship
  • Personal success stories
  • Study tips
  • Braving through a presentation
  • Presentation tips
  • Marketing tips
  • Managing a budget
  • Movie reviews
  • Tips for walking through the financial aid process
  • “The best thing about my campus is…”
  • Ins and outs of credit and credit scores/building good credit
  • Benefits of talking to an advisor
  • “My advisor helped me…”
  • Tips to stay healthy while juggling a busy schedule
  • Ways to be prepared for a busy day
  • Tech reviews
  • What it’s like to a be a part of the ASAP program
  • Writing tips to help you ace a paper
  • The transition from college to a full-time job
  • A day in the life of a parent that is in school and working
  • Tips for acing an internship or job interview
  • Ways to professionally maintain your social media presence
  • “The best advice I’ve ever received was…”
  • “Only Ivy Tech students understand…”
  • “What I wish I knew in college…”
  • Quick meals to prepare on a busy day
  • Easy crockpot recipes
  • Tips for managing stress or stressful situations
  • Tips for staying organized
  • Online tools for studying, notetaking, etc.
  • Best websites to follow for college students
  • Transfer student stories (and why you’re glad came to Ivy Tech first)
  • “My favorite class or classes were….”
  • “How an Ivy Tech professor inspired me”
  • Playing sports in college
  • Best activities to get involved in during college
  • Reasons to join clubs and participate in activities during college
  • Building a portfolio