I Define Success: Mari Ryhal

Mari.jpg“I had a great experience at Ivy Tech.”

Sometimes having experience in a specific job is just not enough to be hired. Mari Ryhal found herself in this situation back in 2009. Laid off from her previous job, Mari was unable to find a position in her field of expertise without having a college degree.

After researching different programs at Ivy Tech, Mari decided to join the Health Information Technology program. Mari appreciated the low cost of Ivy Tech as well as the curriculum that she was taught.

Mari’s time at Ivy Tech ran very smoothly. Her biggest obstacle was navigating through the financial process. Luckily, the Ivy Tech staff was able to assist her with this. “Ivy Tech has knowledgeable staff to help through any process.”

The Ivy Tech staff was Mari’s favorite part of the college. “Registration staff, financial assistance, and the teachers were very informed and helpful. The teaching was geared to prepare students for the workplace.” Her dedicated teachers showed her what skills she would need in a future work environment. She took their advice on how to get her foot in the door where she intended to work.

While at Ivy Tech, Mari participated in an internship experience where she could show what she had learned.

Currently, Mari is an account coordinator at Major Hospital in Shelbyville, Indiana. This is where she held her internship position while attending Ivy Tech. She received three promotions since she started working there full time.

Her advice for other students’ success is to seek internship opportunities at businesses in which they are interested. In regards to education, she strongly considers attending a college like Ivy Tech to earn affordable credits.

“I feel that Ivy Tech gave me the education as well as the confidence to move into a career. I would recommend Ivy Tech to anyone seeking my advice.”


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