Program Spotlight: Information Technology Support

by Rachel Pope
Marketing Intern

Is the Information Technology Support program for you?

Are you on the look-out for a career encumbered with field certifications, internship opportunities, and an active staff dedicated to help you succeed in your next career? Ivy Tech Community College’s Information Technology Support program can open doors for you!

In the Information Technology Support program you will gain the skills necessary to build and maintain computing systems and their technology.

Students learn how to tear down and rebuild computers. They also have the opportunity to work with leading professionals within the field. This program also allows students to experience hands-on labs, and receive the necessary certifications to be successful in the field. By graduation, students will have gained the skills to diagnose various computer related issues, and the ability to walk clients through resolving these issues.

Where can this degree take me?

Graduates of this program have the option to transfer to a four-year university, or can enter directly into the Information Technology field as a help desk technician. By earning a degree in IT Support, you will provide assistance to a variety of users. This includes answering questions, resolving computer issues, and also assist with problems concerning the use of computer hardware.

Learn more

Apply today to begin working toward a career in Information Technology Support. Do you have any further questions? Visit our website, or call the Answer Center at 888-IVY-LINE between 7 a.m. through 1 a.m. seven days a week! With a great educational value, a variety of locations and knowledgeable professors, now it the time to earn the degree you’ve been dreaming of!



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