I Define Success: David Carnes

david-carnes-2.pngA few years ago, David Carnes knew he was ready to make his third career change, but wasn’t sure what exactly he wanted to do. He knew he loved graphic design and construction, and was looking for a way to combine those two passions.

After research, he found Ivy Tech Community College’s design technology program—and it was the perfect fit.

“That’s what CAD (computer-aided design) is,” he said. “It was very adaptive to my past construction in graphic design and I fell in love with CAD.”

David loved the design technology program and working with his professors. Through his hard work and relationship with his instructors, he was able to have a job lined up before he graduated with CG Vision.

Since graduating in December 2016 and joining the team at CG Visions, he has advanced within the company four times.

“I started at an entry level position and moved up three times, then moved laterally to a different district in the company,” he said.

Today, David is a senior revit BIM (building information modeling) designer for residential buildings all across the United States, Canada and Australia.

In addition to his full-time job, David had another exciting change in his career that he never expected: Being featured on HGTV’s “Good Bones.” David got involved with the show through his side business, Indy Woodsmith.

Alongside friend and college roommate Craig Smith, the two have a custom woodworking business in Indianapolis.

While the two were selling items at an event, Mina Starsiak of the show walked by. David had never actually seen the show, but knew Mina from a television spot they did together in the past. He reached out to her and she had actually wanted to buy a few pieces for a home they were working on. They came back with a camera crew and filmed for the show.

From there, Indy Woodsmith has also been featured on six additional episodes of Good Bones. They may continue working with them for the third season, too.

“It’s always pretty surreal when you’re going to be on national TV show,” David said.

He wasn’t sure when the first episode was going to air and was in California for work at the time when his phone began to go off.

After being featured on the show, Indy Woodsmith’s orders had doubled overnight and their social media presence quadrupled.

Through his side business to his full-time work, David loves being able to use his skills and is fond of his time at Ivy Tech.

“You’re going to see the best bang for your buck,” he explained. “You’re going to have the ability to get a job after you graduate. I have nothing but good things to say about Ivy Tech. I’m still paying off my bachelor’s degree from my undergrad and Ivy Tech gave me the ability in a year and a half to have a higher level, higher paying job.”

For those considering their options, he said a community college education is a very valuable investment.

During his time at the College, he became close with his professors Jason Roth and Jamie Hamilton. To this day, he still remains in contact with them and they will occasionally reach out with job opportunities they hear about—even though they know he is happy.

David advises students to network and develop relationships with fellow students, alumni and professors.
For more information about Indy Woodsmith, and to see video clips of them featured on Good Bones, visit Facebook.com/IndyWoodsmith.

Photo above (left to right): Craig Smith, David Carnes, Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak.


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