Program Spotlight: Automotive Technology


by Rachel Pope
Marketing Intern

A career in the automotive industry not only offers a hands-on career, but an exciting one that offers endless opportunities. Through the use of modern equipment, certified instructors and state of the art facilities, Ivy Tech Community College gives students the ability to learn in the best environment possible.

“The benefit of this program is that students get the opportunity to earn a college degree, and get real hands-on training from highly trained/highly certified instructors, all at an affordable cost,” said Ron Finney, program chair at Ivy Tech.

shp15017_01605While in the automotive program, you receive training in a variety of areas that include transmissions, brakes, and even engine repair. While completing the program, students are also prepared by skilled instructors to take the industry standard certification exam from ASE.

“When top techs at the dealership referred me to this program, it shows how truly advanced this program is. They both attending Ivy Tech, and they know more than anybody else at the dealership,” said Nicholas Amick, Ivy Tech automotive student.

Many of the programs Ivy Tech offers have a variety of hands-on training programs, but the hands-on training through the automotive program is extremely unique. From up-to-date repair and diagnostic equipment to computer usage skills, Ivy Tech students are fully equipped with the knowledge and ability to make their leap into the automotive field.

In fact, local employers often seek out Ivy Tech students when in need of service/body technicians. Graduates from this program have the opportunity to find a variety of jobs within the industry.

Are you interested in a career in the automotive field? Take a peek at what Ivy Tech can offer you. With a variety of locations, small class sizes, and inexpensive tuition, Ivy Tech may be your first step when pursing your dream career!


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