Professor explains benefits of Early Childhood Education field

by Debra Pierce, Professor, Early Childhood Education
Indianapolis Campus


I am an Early Childhood professor for Ivy Tech. Our program has qualified professors and instructors, all of whom have a master’s degree or higher in the field and have experience actually working in the profession. I spent 15 years teaching in a NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accredited preschool myself, before teaching adults. Continue reading

Program Spotlight: Nursing

shp15022_0097 (2)

Nursing isn’t always an easy profession, however, those in the field love it for being such a rewarding career. As a nurse, you have the opportunity every day to make a difference in someone’s life. Ivy Tech Community College has made a huge impact on not only those who have completed the program, but also the patients they have helped since earning their degree. Continue reading

Why Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology might be your perfect fit

aart_1by Rachel Pope
Marketing Intern

The Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology (AART) program is for students looking for a hands-on learning environment that offers the skills needed to be successful in a modern manufacturing environment. There is a huge demand for skilled employees in manufacturing, as an Industrial Machinery mechanic you could make a salary is $23.64 per hour. Continue reading