Program Spotlight: HVAC

by Rachel Pope
Marketing Intern

Over 60 percent of energy used is Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology related and there is a huge demand for highly trained professionals in a variety of fields including commercial, industrial, residential, and more!

As an Ivy Tech Community College HVAC student, you will have access to training facilities where you will learn to work on actual equipment. This allows student to gain experience in equipment installation, troubleshooting, and charging air conditioning units.

HVAC students have two options when pursuing their degree. They can either choose to earn their technical certificate, which can be completed in two semesters or they can choose to earn their associate degree, which can be completed in two years. When earning an associate degree, students are able to choose various electives in order to learn more about unique types of systems that are within the HVAC industry.

“We have several embedded certifications that are nationally recognized by various testing agencies which allows students to add various certifications to their resume,” said Frand Garro, program chair.

The HVAC program offers real-world experience which not only allows them to gain the knowledge necessary to be successful, but also gives them opportunities to take part in community service using their newly-found HVAC skills.

“Ivy Tech Community College HVAC graduates can work in any city in the country, and because our program [Bloomington Campus] is accredited by ATMAE our graduates can literally get a job over the phone in another state if you tell them you received a degree from a school like Ivy Tech,” Garro added.

Ivy Tech has no shortage of talented and knowledgeable instructors that have spent years working in the field. They know what to expect and are dedicated to prepare their students for the challenges they face in the workforce.

Want to learn more about Ivy Tech’s HVAC program? Visit our website today!


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