I Define Success: Oumar Coulibaly

Oumar Coulibaly.png“Ivy Tech helped make my largest dreams come true.”

According to Oumar Coulibaly, the word success defined his experience at Ivy Tech.

During his time at Ivy Tech Community College, Oumar successfully achieved his biggest accomplishments in life. Oumar is from the country Mali, so attending school in the US was a huge achievement for him.

Since Oumar was learning as an international student, he did not think that college was meant for him. Just three years ago, he was not even able to speak English. Some of the challenges he was forced to overcome were accommodating himself to the English language as well as the American culture.

He gained more knowledge with new technology software at a low cost through Ivy Tech. Oumar appreciated the computer skills that he learned that give him the opportunity to study something he is extremely passionate about.

His favorite parts of attending Ivy Tech were his helpful instructors and the Learning Resource Center. The small class sizes were also important to Oumar, because he felt personal attention from each instructor.

Oumar is proud of himself and his success at Ivy Tech. Being a foreign student in a different country is an accomplishment in itself. Not only was he able to attain his degree, but was also able to experience an entirely different culture other than his own. “Graduating from college was a dream to me. Ivy Tech helped make my largest dreams come true.”

In the future, Oumar plans to gain as much experience in his field as possible after attaining his college degree. With his Ivy Tech degree, he will transfer to a four year institute and achieve his future goals. He plans to open a school for computing and English in his home country Mali.

According to Oumar, “Ivy Tech made me believe in myself and helped me to find my way.”


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