“The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right”

By: Lori Ann Williams

Doing what is right STARTS with me.
Choices are what make or break a person, a home, a world.
Voices followed by emotions can take you places you don’t want to go,
and may take time, time you can’t get back, time wasted,
to remove not just your physical being, but also your mental captivity.
The voice of the Holy Spirit, however, can take you to a destiny
that the brain only wished it could comprehend.
For God’s ways are higher than ours, as well as His thoughts.

Doing what is right CONTINUES with me.
Again, choices. Not looking back.
Doing what will make a world, starting with my world, a better place.
When I make the right choice, it affects EVERYONE.
When I make the wrong choice, it affects EVERYONE.

Doing what is right ENDS with me.
Knowing that I did what was right,
even in the face of fear or pain,
will ALWAYS be the greatest decisions I’ve ever made.

There should NEVER be a question
about if or when to do right, because


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